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The Board of Supervisors of Bremer County created Community Based Services (CBS) in 1989. The organization began with a vision to provide residential opportunities for persons with mental disabilities. CBS provides individuals diagnosed with disabilities the opportunity to remain in their community among family, friends, and familiarity. The program was initiated with a five-person licensed Residential Care Facility home serving individuals diagnosed with mental disabilities with a staff of three employees.

In 1989, CBS was 100% funded by the Mental Health Funds from Bremer County. Today less than 6% of this funding is used to support the program. This reduction in county funding was achieved through sound business and financial management practices as well as a proactive path towards more diversified funding streams.

Since 1989, CBS has expanded the service options to a wider and more diverse population, including individuals diagnosed with chronic mental illness, developmental disabilities, and mental retardation. CBS now supports over 40 adults in their efforts to remain or become self-sufficient in daily living and employment skills.

Individual programs developed through CBS encourage persons with disabilities to obtain their goals and reach their optimum social, vocational and independent living abilities. CBS Staff, along with family, friends, and community partners, work together to assist individuals in becoming active and integrated members of their community.

Presently, CBS has two residential homes for persons diagnosed with disabilities and and two apartment complexes, one with eight apartments and another with four. We also serve individuals in their residences throughout Bremer County through our SCL programs, while our Children's Respite serves kids and families throughout the state. Today we consistently employ between 45 – 50 full and part time support staff. These employees receive training specific to their work setting to better meet the various needs of those individuals that they serve.

CBS is constantly striving to adapt our programming to meet the changing needs of those we serve through research, education and national industry accreditation standards. CBS is a CARF accredited agency.