From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director

Welcome to Community Based Services

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Mike Isaacson, BSW/MPP Executive Director Community Based Services

Thank you for your interest in Community Based Services!

We are proud to serve individuals and families in Bremer, Franklin, Chickasaw, Fayette, Black Hawk, Grundy and Butler County.

It is our goal to provide the best possible services to the community. We understand that it is a privalege to do the work that we do. We value the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams and we take the responsibility very seriously.

To do this we are constantly striving to attract and retain the best employee base possible, constantly working to improve training and competency in the field, and constantly looking for the most fiscally efficient methods to provide quality programming.

Our operating revenues come directly from fee-for-service contracts with Federal, State, and Local entities. In addition to these fee-for-service sources, we rely on the generosity of the community and other charitable funding organizations to realize our mission.

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the services provided by Community Based Services please do not hesitate to stop into our offices or to call me at 319-352-2990. You may also contact me at any time by e-mail at

Again, thank you for your interest and support for Community Based Services.