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Due to the recent flooding in Waverly, CBS is having to make some difficult choices. Our Jill Apartment building was a victim of the high water and we were forced to evacuate all 8 apartments. Beginning in October of 2008 all of these individuals moved into our new eight-plex apartment, Waverly Place. We are currently working with contractors to look at renovation opetions for the Jill Apartments. It looks as though the Jill Apartments will be "re-born" as a four-plex when all the plans, construction, and moving is complete.

Currently, all our housing options are filled to capacity and we continue to maintain a waiting list for these properties.

While we are waiting for the pictures to become available on this page, we have attached PDF files of the layouts of the One and Two bedroom apartments as well as for the duplex. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour please call Mike at 319-352-2990 or go to the Contact" page of this site and send him an e-mail.

New 8-Plex One Bedroom Apartment


New 8-Plex Two Bedroom Apartment


New Duplex