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CBS provides Supported Community Living services for individuals diagnosed with various disabilities. Supported Community Living (SCL) services allow individuals to remain, or become, as independent as possible. Services may be provided 24-hours per day in our supported community living sites, or for as little as 1-hour per month in a person’s home. SCL services may include, but are not limited to:

· Advocacy

· Skill Building

· Community Skills

· Basic Living Skills

· Personal Care

· Recreation

CBS provides SCL services within the person’s home and within the community according to the needs identified by the individual. Together with the individual, his or her family and friends, CBS develops a plan to help facilitate independence, dignity, self-respect, and community inclusion. This plan provides the individual with the opportunity to determine his or her own goals through “Person Centered Planning”.

Service Locations

Dettmer Duplex

Dettmer Duplex has 2 three bedroom units and is called home to individuals diagnosed with Chronic Mental Illness. This site provides individuals with a true home atmosphere with the support and assistance as needed from staff 24-hours a day. This setting may serve as a long-term setting for individuals wishing to continue with this level of support, or it may be a transition for individuals moving out of a parent or family home before they move into their own apartment.

Jill Apartments

Jill Apartments is a group of 8 one-bedroom apartments that allow individuals with the independence and privacy that they want, with 24-hour staff support at their request. Jill is home to individuals diagnosed with Mental Retardation and/or Developmental Disabilities. Staff is available to assist and facilitate independence as identified by the individuals that live there.


Our 8 unit apartment complex provides individuals the indpendence of living on their own with built in supports when they need it. Providing 24-hour staff on-demand, this 8-plex is home to people of all ability levels.

5th Street Duplex

This newly contructed duplex will provide support for individuals diagnosed with mental retardation. With 24-hour staff for support this site will provide quality services in a comfortable home setting.


Crestwood is called home by 3-4 women that have been diagnosed with severe/profound mental retardation. This home setting offers women the opportunity to live in an environment that allows for independence while at the same time providing the supports and services that they need.

Bremer House

Bremer House is home to 3-4 men that have been diagnosed with severe/profound mental retardation. This long-term home setting provides independence for these men while at the same time providing CBS staff for support and assistance with activities of daily living.

Supported Community Living

SCL services are provided in the individual’s home in the community. CBS Staff provide a various array of services all identified by the recipient.